From the recording The Conference of the Council

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Insanity's just normal around here

Living in a city where the conditions are shitty
When I pull up on the Block in a S-five-fifty
Haters started the trip cause it was hard to find us
Gripping on the low we got the feds behind us
9 mm heat of street sweeper for the non-believers
Mag with a bag of bullets I'm mad so I had to do it
I'm back with a passion to it you fags fucking it up
The city you repping you thinking your harder
We coming and pulling your cards
Eight-one-eight represent until the death of me
It's B-I-Double-G-Y homie ask about me
I’ve paid my dues dawg, respected by the G’s
Connected in the streets, don't fuck with the police
I never been with the law we're coming and giving it all
Get it cook it, cut it, serve it by the whole ball
It's me and 2-Hye, always stay fly
You better be ready for business if you're trying to pass by in the

Eight-one-eight six-two-six represent boy six-two-six ay
Eight-one-eight ay
Fifty fifty-one-fifty fifty straight fifty-one-fifty

Follow me through the north of the county
East of the valley, south of the mountains
Follow me through apartments and houses in twenty-four hours and forty-eight ounces
Stacked like the I-five, connected like a junction
You know your boy from Pasadena out here trying to function
Telling you I'm busy is a motherfucking understatement
Cause under the pavement and the sick world of entertainment
I'm stretching out these resources under my fingertips
Like a pile of missions people studios and stinking zips
Keeping a tight grip on this turf like she's a Latina with swinging hips
But she's possessive so I'm always ready whenever this clinger flips
A shout out to my people across the eight one eight
Coming straight from the one and only six-twenty-six side LA
From the good to the grimy, the priceless moments I bottle behind me
I’ve got miles on you don't try me, y’all know just where to come find me, in the

Six to six eight-one-eight represent boy six to six ay
Eight-one-eight ay
Fifty fifty-one-fifty fifty straight fifty-one-fifty

Yeah, I got some money in the bank and now I'm feeling good
A young player popping bottles just like we should
Live hard die Young twenty-five to life
Twenty-five forever got a bitch that's only twenty-five
New whips, new J’s, popping tags and all
No pause to do my hustle call me Adderall
A tale of two cities like j Cole, from the eight to the two-one-three we call it home
It takes a lifetime to master the type of style that I'm on
Ask any female I'm bad to the Bone
Got Dena love because the ladies be as bad as they want
I'm playing my song on their vertebrae like a xylophone
You stuck in a romance, hold hands, and bumping slow jams
I'm official pimp till I'm an old man, that's on my life, I never changed the program
Antonian from the LA so fuck a hoe man

Fifty fifty-one-fifty fifty fifty-one-fifty
Six-two-six six-two-six represent boy six to six ay
Eight-one-eight ay
Fifty straight fifty-one-fifty six-two-six



Patrick Antonian

Big E




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